We're passionate about one thing... Your dealership's success.

Raxxos is Canadian family owned and operated. Learn more about Raxxos, who we are, and how we started.


Our Founding Story

Kelly Massey, our founder, has over 30 years of experience in the auto industry as a mechanic, sales person, and now as an IT service provider after founding Raxxos in 2008.

He experienced a near-death car accident that led to him pursuing his passion of computer systems as a business. Luck had it that the dealership he worked for wanted an internet phone system (VoIP), so he installed one! Naturally, he started supporting their computers and networks, too. Word got around to other dealerships, and before he knew it, he had more work he could handle. Raxxos was formed.

Our Team

We don't hide behind computers and phones. We're outgoing, friendly people who you will LOVE to call and be around. We take pride in showing up, solving your problems, and helping you grow!

Raxxos is family owned and operated. But it goes deeper than the Massey's. We treat everyone on our team like family. And, if you're a client, you're part of the family too. We are a family of small businesses and the people who run them, working together to live our best, happiest lives, and to make an impact in our community and the world.

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