10 Things to Do Before You Call Tech Support

Frozen screens, glitchy programs, mysterious lights, and strange pop-ups can be pretty concerning when you’re using your computer as usual. But don’t be too alarmed – there could be a simple fix! Often times issues appear to be bigger than they are upon first glance. That’s why there are a few things you should do…

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10 Quick Tips to Improve Business Efficiency

Four men in business meeting

Let’s take a second to get real: how much time do you waste every day in the office? Every second of your time that somebody asks for…  or task you spend an unnecessary amount of time on… adds up. To make the best use of your time, you need a system that boosts efficiency and…

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VoIP Security: How to Protect Your Business VoIP System

Man talking on office phone

New technology comes with the need for new security systems. VoIP is no different. VoIP is a trusted telecommunication technology that is taking hold of the business world. It has a slew of perks that set it apart from its more traditional counterpart, the landline. With the added benefits comes a challenge: protecting the often…

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The Future of Car Dealerships

Red car sitting on car dealership lot.

Uber Eats, Amazon and Netflix are great examples of businesses that have adapted to suit the way that people consume. They have jumped ahead of the curve and guided their respective industries in growth and development.  Just like dining, shopping and entertainment, the car buying experience that people prefer is changing. The future of car…

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The Coolest Car Trends and Tech of 2019

Sleek black Porsche

Remember when you had to crank the handle to open the car window? And now cars drive themselves? Like a lot of other technology and inventions, automobiles have been constantly evolving as new scientific discoveries are made. What are the coolest cars to look for in 2019 and beyond? In most of the developed world,…

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10 Email Security Best Practices for 2019

Gmail inbox

Whether you manage an inbox for your whole company or one that serves as your “direct line,” you’re bound to have some sensitive information that would be best kept secure. We want to help you protect your browser and your computer. Today, we’re bringing you the 10 email security best practices so that your inbox…

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