Why your business is losing money without a cloud file storage solution

If your business isn’t using cloud file storage, you’re at a huge disadvantage.

You’re probably losing money through wasted time, inefficient document handling processes, data loss, and security breaches.

Check out these four game-changing benefits to storing your files in the cloud:


There isn’t a single person who wouldn’t benefit from being able to access their files anywhere. Whether it’s the CEO checking a report on a flight, or a sales person showing off product info at a client’s office, cloud file storage is universally useful.


It’s absolutely certain that a cloud data centre is more secure than the server in your office’s back closet. Not only are they more physically secure with multiple layers of access protection, but they are also more secure against hackers. They have millions of dollars worth of enterprise grade firewalls and employ hundreds of security experts working around the clock to safeguard your data.


Remember that time you dropped your laptop, your hard drive died, and all your data was gone? With cloud storage, that will never happen again. You’ll maintain access to your data via your phone, tablet, or other computer. Once you replace your laptop, just log in, and your files will re-sync from the cloud as if nothing happened.


Forget about sending email attachments and ending up with multiple copies of the same document. With a proper cloud file storage solution, you can effortlessly collaborate on projects with your colleagues and clients, and never again wonder which copy is the most up-to-date.

Not all cloud file storage solutions are built the same. Many consumer cloud file storage solutions have barged into the enterprise market with a mere rebranding consisting of some hot tech buzzwords.

At Raxxos, the only cloud file storage solution we trust is Autotask Workplace. It is an enterprise software that was built exclusively for enterprise, from the start. We use it internally and deploy it for our clients to improve business operations across all departments.

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Written by:

Roman Massey

Roman is CEO of Raxxos. He has over a decade of business and technical experience that lends perfectly to consulting businesses on technology solutions. When he's not working, he's either making music or riding his Triumph Bonneville.

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